About Us

Cooperativa Pesquera y Comercializadora Guayacán is a first order group that was born in 2008 to the eave of the Asociación Gremial de Pescadores de Caleta Guayacán with the purpose of formally entering the marketing chain of the Jibia resource, encompassing the whole business: from the extraction stage, passing by the landing and transfer of the product to the processing plants, its processing and finally to reach the stage of commercialization with a product with added value.

Our Purpose

We are a Cooperative formed by artisanal fishermen of the Region of Coquimbo, we deliver products of the sea for the national and international human consumption, caring for the sustainability of the resources, labor security and respect to the community.

Our Ambitions

«To be the main cooperative association of artisanal fishermen dedicated to the extraction, processing and commercialization of marine fishery resources of Chile, with respect to the environment and to the community in which we develop.»

Our Commitment

The commitment of the Cooperativa Comercializadora y Pesquera de Guayacan is to contribute to our society through the generation of the maximum possible value that will permanently benefit our members, customers, suppliers and the community where our project is developed.

This work will be developed in a responsible, serious, efficient and innovative way in all of our processes.

To Our Environment

Ensure the sustainability of our natural resources, preventing and reducing environmental impacts that may cause our extractive activity, process and commercialization of our products.

To Our Clients

Committed to the satisfaction of our customers, in order to deliver quality products, in a permanent way and with respect for their rights. All this with a confidential treatment of all commercial and business information.

To Our Suppliers

Committed to a fair, transparent relationship and respect for the rights of our suppliers. With transparent and objective procedures, always giving priority to quality, opportunity, and profitability for the Cooperative.

To Our Community

To maintain permanent and cooperative relationships with the community in which we develop our operation, complying with the current legality and norms that regulate our business and advance in surpassing the established standards.

Our Productive Process

Our production process begins when the fishermen set sail from the port to the sea in a distance of between 10 min and 2 hours from the coast, each carrying a «tota» to fish the cuttlefish. The departure time is usually at 18:00 hrs and runs until around 00:30 hrs. Each of the fishing days is about 3 hours in the high season, and from 10 to 12 hours in the low season.

When they return from the sea, daily fishing is unloaded and weighed through «chinguillos» in the Caleta de Guayacán, with a fishing that varies between 2 and 7 tons per boat, to then be stored in «bins» and transported in Truck to the processing plants of our customers. The transport service (truck) is made by outsourcing.


• Bahia Tour: Live the experience of sailing in our tourism boats, to know the history, culture and heritage of Guayacan.

• Fishing Tour: Live the experience of fishing in the Bay of Guayacán in our boats, and know something more about the fishing profession.

• Rent of Kayaks, pedal boats and sup tables: Enjoy the contact with nature navigating the calm waters of Guayacan and La Herradura. We have different alternatives according to the number of participants.

• The Cooperative has nautical equipment that includes: Kayaks, Pedal boats, Surfboards, Banana, Boating and Fishing trips.



Caleta de Guayacán has several port services that have to do with:

• Discharge and loading of seafood; for it has marine crane, land crane, transfer truck and bins.

• Support for the transfer of port personnel to companies in the sector.

• Dockage services for different fishing activities and related services.

• Use of varadero for maintenance, semi-industrial boats and launches.


It has a number of ten stalls selling seafood and a number of about 25 boats that market their extraction directly. Among the most quoted resources are Blanquillo, Cascajo, Congrio, Piure, Jurel and Hake. There is a fishing fleet of about 40 vessels, equipped and certified for the European economic community. In the sector there is also a Management Area of ​​5.5 hectares for the Piure and Pelillo alga.


The Giant Squid Processing for the export market began in 2016, through an alliance with ALMAR SPA company of which it is a partner, destining the production mainly to Korea. There are three squid-based products on the market:

• Fillets

• Tentacles

• Fins.